58 Akhionbare, off Ihama Road, G.R.A. Benin City
3 Dec

Tourism: Places to Visit When in Benin City

With its rich cultural heritage and urbanized environs, Benin City is a great travel destination to go to this year. It is well-known as the capital of Edo State (Southern Nigeria) and as the centre of the Bini Kingdom, but not many have seen its historical landmarks, breath-taking natural features and more. Benin is definitely...
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5 Oct

The Benin Sculpture Of Art And Culture

The descriptions of Benin sculpture of art and culture provide important historical perspective on artistic developments over several hundred years. The royal ancestral altars have long been a focus of artistic elaboration perhaps dating back to Ogiso era, and much of the sculptural forms that most charactetrize Benin art were originally created to honour Royal...
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3 Oct

Culture in Benin City: Oghogho Dance

Ohogho is a dance in a revolving circle. It is a religious dance. Its troupe belongs to certain physicians-ebo group of Benin culture. The groups are usually strong and healthy senior Eroghae and Ighele age groups. The dancers wear waist gown-ebuluku and dance in circles with gongs or bells in their hands, and around a...
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